KTM 65

A fully-loaded race machine for kids 8 to 12.

Problem: The KTM 65 is a fully-loaded racing machine for kids aged 8-12, but people don’t want to be labelled a ‘bad parent’ for buying one.


Insight: Overbearing parents can cause kids to grow up anxious and fearful. When they’re allowed to take a few risks, kids learn to be brave, resilient and ready for anything. 


Idea: In a satirical series featuring OOH ads and online ‘educational’ programs, KTM wants to show parents that it’s ok to let kids live a little. Lesson One? Get your kid a KTM 65, because the world doesn’t need another wuss.

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The website extension
Informational Brochures

Distributed through direct mail and found in grocery stores, department stores, restaurant restrooms and other places parents frequent.