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Shea & Laurissa

So, you’ve stumbled onto 2 girls 1 book, huh? 

Maybe your agency is kicking ass and taking names in the world of advertising. Maybe you run a marketing department like nobody’s business. Who knows what you were looking for when you happened upon
In any case, welcome! 


We’re two nerds proudly reppin’ the GTA. We can often be found cuddling cats, strumming nasty riffs on the uke, cutting cheese (For charcuterie, not farts. Ok, sometimes farts), or escaping reality in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


We met in the Advertising & Marketing program at Mohawk College in 2017 and have been whipping up cool stuff for brands ever since. We know pushing the limits gets you places in this industry. Our relationship with boundaries is a ‘love-hate’ one, but lucky for us, doing what we want and not giving a hoot about the rules comes naturally. Badass, we know.


We’re hungry for success (or tacos, if you have any) and ready to set the world ablaze with our dynamic ideas.


Currently making things happen at Doner North/Union. 

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